premier Proscribe Erasable fountain pen ink eraser and correction pen fountain pen with refills
Proscribe – Fountain Pen with Ink Eraser / Corrector Pen Combo – Blue Ink

Premier Proscribe Erasable Ink Fountain Pen (Blue Ink)

Dual ink eraser (chisel tip) and correction fibre tip pen

Comes with 4 extra ink cartridge refills

Easily correct mistakes and make changes to your writing

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Premier Proscribe Blue Erasable Ink Gel Pen Magic Ink Pens Write & Erase Friction Erase 84524
Proscribe Erasable Gel Pen – Friction Erase Magic Ink – Black or Blue

Premier Proscribe friction erase gel roller pen.

Black or Blue Ink.
Write & Erase - Magic ink can be rubbed out!
Two friction erasers, one at each end of the pen.
Easily correct mistakes and make changes to your writing.
Ideal for notes, crosswords, puzzles, business, school and home.
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